My subscription was declined but a charge shows on my statement. Why?

When you submit a subscription order, we send the billing information (name, address, and card info) to your credit/debit card issuer exactly as you provided it to us. It is up to the credit/debit card issuer to take the information, process it, and provide us with an “approve” or “decline” result message for the transaction.

If your order was declined, it is usually because the billing address or card security code you provided us was incorrect and did not match what the credit/debit card issuer has on record. When this happens, your credit/debit card issuer may also keep the transaction in an “authorized but not charged” status for one to five days while the transaction is “settled” and declined on their system. This results on a hold being placed on the total amount of the transaction that often appears incorrectly as a charge or a “pending” charge on your statement. This hold is not an actual charge and no money was paid to us by your card issuer. You will simply have to wait until your card issuer settles the transactions on their end and the hold/pending charge will disappear. Typically, the declined transactions are settled by them within 24 hours. However, some of these institutions may take up to five days to settle the declined transaction and the hold/pending charge will show for the duration of that period on your statement, then it is removed once the settlement is completed.

If your subscription order was declined and it is showing on your card’s statement, please allow up to seven days for your bank or credit card issuer to settle the transaction and remove it from your statement. This process is something that is out of our control, and it occurs as a result of an incorrect billing address or security code number being entered with the order. It is up to your credit/debit card issuer to manage the transaction, as well as to settle it in a timely manner. Rest assured that if you got a “declined” message from our site, no money was paid to us and any un-settled pending transaction showing on your statement will be removed by your credit/debit card issuer within a short period of time (usually within 24 hrs, but could be up to five days at their own discretion).

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