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  1. Can I use an Atom feed to list my blog?

  2. Can I attach photos to Enotes?

  3. Can I be notified by email when I receive new Enotes?

  4. Can other people see who I've friended?

  5. City Radar is no longer prompting me for my location on Android. How do I fix this?

  6. Como cambio el idioma a Español?

  7. Como cancelo mi cuenta?

  8. Como traduzir dentro do BiggerCity para o Android?

  9. How accurate is City Radar?

  10. How can I get a promotion code?

  11. How do I access the mobile web app?

  12. How do I add someone to my friends list?

  13. How do I block someone on City Messenger?

  14. How do I block someone?

  15. How do I buy a gift subscription for someone else?

  16. How do I cancel and delete my account?

  17. How do I cancel my Premium subscription?

  18. How do I cancel my Premium subscription?

  19. How do I change my City Radar location?

  20. How do I change my username, password, or email address?

  21. How do I change or update my email address?

  22. How do I check what my friends are up to?

  23. How do I control who can call me?

  24. How do I delete my photos?

  25. How do I delete my videos?

  26. How do I edit, crop, rotate, or flip my photos?

  27. How do I enable the Personal Ad tab on my Profile?

  28. How do I get the full screen version on my iPhone?

  29. How do I get the most out of BiggerCity?

  30. How do I hide my distance?

  31. How do I join BiggerCity?

  32. How do I list by blog on the site?

  33. How do I remove items from my favorites?

  34. How do I remove my profile from the City Radar?

  35. How do I remove my profile?

  36. How do I remove or disable my blocks?

  37. How do I remove someone from my friends list?

  38. How do I report someone?

  39. How do I save an Enote conversation so it is not deleted?

  40. How do I send an enote message?

  41. How do I set or change who can view my photos?

  42. How do I set who can view my photos?

  43. How do I share my favorites?

  44. How do I subscribe/unsubscribe to the BiggerCity newsletter?

  45. How do I switch the site back to English?

  46. How do I upload my profile photo?

  47. How do I upload photos to my profile?

  48. How do I upload videos to my profile?

  49. How is my personal information used?

  50. How long are my enote messages saved for?

  51. How long do I have to wait for my Premium subscription order to be processed?

  52. How long does it take for the site managers to process my uploads?

  53. How many credits do I get for...?

  54. How to I add (bookmark) items to my favorites?

  55. How will the charge show on my card statement?

  56. I bookmarked some items, but they've disappeared. What happened?

  57. I can't get Chat or City Messenger to work! What do I do?

  58. I can't get City Messenger to work. What do I do?

  59. I can't send video or audio on City Messenger. What's wrong?

  60. I cannot send or reply to Enotes. How do I fix this?

  61. I did not get my account activation email.

  62. I don't have a credit card. How can I pay for a Premium subscription?

  63. I don't want to receive friend requests. How do I disable it?

  64. I don't want to use my credit card online. How can I purchase a Premium subscription?

  65. I forgot my username or password! What do I do?

  66. I know I am using the right password but the site is not logging me on. What's wrong?

  67. I updated my location, but it is wrong. What can I do?

  68. I'm not getting push notifications. How do I fix it?

  69. My Enotes say I have unread messages but none show. Why?

  70. My profile photo has been locked by the administrators. How do I fix this?

  71. My profile photo thumbnail does not look right. How can I fix this?

  72. My subscription was declined but a charge shows on my statement. Why?

  73. Online Safety

  74. The mobile site is not working on my Android device.

  75. Web browser requirements for BiggerCity

  76. What are credits?

  77. What are Enotes?

  78. What are friend invitations?

  79. What are the "community tags"? (i.e., Chub, Chaser, Chub4Chub, Bear...)

  80. What are the benefits of a Premium subscription?

  81. What are the requirements for City Radar?

  82. What are the requirements to use City Messenger?

  83. What are the requirements to use the Chat room?

  84. What do the icons on the City Radar map mean?

  85. What do the indicator colors mean?

  86. What for video formats are supported?

  87. What is BiggerCity?

  88. What is City Messenger?

  89. What is City Radar?

  90. What methods of payment do you accept?

  91. What's My Uploads?

  92. What's My Visitor Log?

  93. What's the date and number shown under each citizen in My Visitor Log?

  94. Why am I not receiving emails from the site or other citizens?

  95. Why are there very results on my City Radar search?

  96. Why can't I redeem my credits for a Premium subscription extension?

  97. Why can't I zoom the City Radar map all the way to street view?

  98. Why do I get a "Login is still active..." error when I try to enter Chat?

  99. Why do I have to keep validating my email address from time to time?

  100. Why do I see clusters of citizens all around each other on my City Radar map view?

  101. Why do people from other countries/regions show on my City Radar?

  102. Why does the "updated" date does not change on my blog listing?

  103. Why does the City Radar map show fewer citizens than my total search results?

  104. Why should I go Premium?

  105. ¿Como puedo traducir dentro de BiggerCity para Android?

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